Monday, 9 November 2015

Streaming again soon!

First my apologies for my long absence. After I returned from holidays in Scotland my laptop's harddrive broke down. Buying a replacement PC was not an option, because I am currently residing in Japan, where no one speaks English and everything is in Japanese only, including operating systems and keyboards. So after involving friends in Germany, who were sending me Software, friends in Japan, who helped me buying a new harddrive at the Japanese amazon, much struggling with Kaspersky's anti-virus program, which really has a 'country code' (which means you can only activate the program in the country where you bought it, unless you buy the country-code-free version on their website!), I could finally set up my laptop again, yay! It only needs a few more programs to install and some recovery of settings and then I will be streaming again. Check out for notices!

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